How Big Does A Yorkshire Terrier Get?

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Curious about how big a Yorkshire Terrier can get? This article explores their size potential, growth stages, factors affecting size, and more!

Have you ever wondered how big a Yorkshire Terrier can actually get? Well, wonder no more! In this article, we will explore the size potential of these adorable and popular little dogs. Whether you already have a Yorkshire Terrier or are considering adding one to your family, understanding their full-grown size can be essential information. So, let’s get right into it and discover the answer to the question, “How big does a Yorkshire Terrier get?”

Physical Characteristics of Yorkshire Terriers


Yorkshire Terriers, also known as Yorkies, are small and elegant dogs with a distinctive appearance. They have a long, silky coat that hangs straight down on either side of their body. The fur is typically tan on the head, chest, and legs, while the rest of the body is a darker shade of blue-gray. Yorkies have a compact body structure and stand upright with confidence, giving them a stylish and regal appearance.


When it comes to weight, Yorkshire Terriers are known for being lightweight dogs. On average, an adult Yorkshire Terrier weighs between 4 to 7 pounds. However, it is important to note that individual variation can occur, and some Yorkies may weigh slightly more or less depending on their genetics, diet, exercise levels, and overall health.


In terms of height, Yorkshire Terriers stand at around 6 to 9 inches at the shoulder. This measurement is taken from the highest point of their shoulders to the ground. As with weight, there can be slight variation in height among individual dogs, but this range gives a general idea of the size of a Yorkshire Terrier.

Body Proportions

Yorkshire Terriers have a well-proportioned body structure. Their body length is slightly longer than their height, giving them a balanced and compact appearance. Their legs are moderate in length, allowing them to move with agility and grace. The body is muscular and firm, while still maintaining a delicate and refined look. Overall, their body proportions lend to their elegance and charm.

Growth Stages of a Yorkshire Terrier

Puppy Stage

The puppy stage of a Yorkshire Terrier is an adorable and exciting time. During this stage, Yorkie puppies are small and fragile. They are typically born weighing around 4 to 6 ounces. As they grow, their weight and height increase rapidly, reaching their adult size within a year or so. The puppy stage is crucial for socialization and training, as it sets the foundation for their behavior and temperament in adulthood.

Adolescent Stage

The adolescent stage is a period of continued growth and development for a Yorkshire Terrier. During this stage, which usually occurs between 6 months to 1 year of age, Yorkies may experience a growth spurt in both height and weight. This is when they transition from being puppies to young adults. It is important to provide them with proper nutrition and exercise during this stage to support their growth and ensure they reach their full potential.

Adult Stage

The adult stage is when a Yorkshire Terrier reaches its full size and maturity. Generally, this stage starts around 1 year of age and continues throughout their adult life. By this point, the Yorkie will have reached its adult weight and height, staying relatively consistent unless there are changes in their diet, exercise routine, or overall health. The adult stage is the period of their life where they display their unique characteristics, such as their lively energy, affectionate nature, and intelligence.

How Big Does A Yorkshire Terrier Get

Factors Affecting Yorkshire Terrier Size


Genetics play a significant role in determining the size of a Yorkshire Terrier. The size of the dog’s parents and ancestors can influence how big or small the Yorkie will grow. If both parents are on the smaller side, it is more likely that the offspring will also be small. However, it is important to remember that genetics are not the sole determining factor, and variations can occur even within the same litter.

Diet and Nutrition

Proper nutrition plays a crucial role in the growth and development of a Yorkshire Terrier. Providing a balanced and appropriate diet is essential in ensuring they reach their optimal size. Feeding them high-quality dog food that is specifically formulated for small breeds can help support their growth and maintain their overall health. It is important to provide them with the right amount of food and avoid overfeeding, as excessive weight gain can lead to health issues.

Exercise and Activity Level

Exercise and physical activity are important for the development of a Yorkshire Terrier’s muscles and overall physical well-being. Regular exercise helps to keep them fit, maintain a healthy weight, and support their bone and joint health. However, excessive exercise or high-impact activities should be avoided, as Yorkies are prone to certain orthopedic conditions. A balance between exercise and rest is key to ensure their growth is not negatively affected.

Health and Wellness

A Yorkshire Terrier’s overall health and wellness can also impact their size. Dogs that experience health issues or genetic conditions may have stunted growth or may not reach their full size potential. It is important to provide regular veterinary care and monitor their health closely to address any potential issues that may affect their growth. Ensuring they receive vaccinations, regular check-ups, and a proper grooming routine is essential for their overall well-being.

Average Size of a Yorkshire Terrier

Weight Range

The average weight range for a Yorkshire Terrier is between 4 to 7 pounds. However, it is important to note that some Yorkshire Terriers may weigh slightly more or less than this range. Factors such as genetics, diet, exercise levels, and overall health can influence their weight. Monitoring their weight through regular veterinary visits and adjusting their diet and exercise accordingly can help them maintain a healthy weight.

Height Range

Yorkshire Terriers typically stand at a height range of 6 to 9 inches at the shoulder. Like weight, there can be slight variations in height among individuals. Regular measurements and monitoring of their growth can help determine if they are within the expected height range for a Yorkshire Terrier.

How Big Does A Yorkshire Terrier Get

Teacup Yorkshire Terriers

What are Teacup Yorkies?

Teacup Yorkies, also known as Miniature Yorkshire Terriers or Toy Yorkshire Terriers, are Yorkshire Terriers that are significantly smaller than the average size for the breed. They are often marketed as “teacup” or “mini” Yorkies and may weigh less than 4 pounds at adulthood. These tiny dogs have gained popularity due to their small size and cute appearance.

Size and Health Concerns

While Teacup Yorkies may be irresistibly adorable, it is important to approach their size with caution. The extremely small size of Teacup Yorkies can lead to a host of health concerns and developmental issues. They are more prone to fragile bones, dental problems, low blood sugar, heart defects, and other complications. It is crucial to thoroughly research and consult with a reputable breeder or veterinarian before considering a Teacup Yorkie, as their size comes with increased risks and potential health challenges.

Size Comparisons with Other Dog Breeds

Yorkshire Terrier vs. Chihuahua

Yorkshire Terriers and Chihuahuas are both small dog breeds, but there are some differences in their size. On average, Chihuahuas tend to be slightly smaller than Yorkshire Terriers, typically weighing between 2 to 6 pounds. In terms of height, Chihuahuas range from 5 to 8 inches. While both breeds share a small stature, Yorkshire Terriers tend to have a slightly larger build than Chihuahuas.

Yorkshire Terrier vs. Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is another breed that is often compared to the Yorkshire Terrier in terms of size. Shih Tzus are slightly larger than Yorkshire Terriers, typically weighing between 9 to 16 pounds. They stand at a height range of 8 to 11 inches. Despite the size difference, both breeds share similar characteristics, such as a long, flowing coat and a friendly and affectionate temperament.

Yorkshire Terrier vs. Maltese

The Maltese is another small breed that is often compared to the Yorkshire Terrier. Maltese dogs are similar in size to Yorkshire Terriers, with an average weight range of 4 to 7 pounds. They stand at a height range of 8 to 10 inches. Both breeds are known for their silky, white coats and playful personalities. The choice between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese may come down to personal preference for specific coat textures or slight variations in temperament.

Caring for a Yorkshire Terrier of Any Size

Exercise and Mental Stimulation

Regardless of their size, Yorkshire Terriers require regular exercise and mental stimulation. Daily walks, playtime, and interactive toys can help keep them physically and mentally engaged. They may have bursts of energy, so providing them with outlets for exercise and play is essential to prevent behavior issues. Keep in mind their small size and adjust exercise routines accordingly to avoid overexertion or injury.

Grooming and Coat Care

Yorkshire Terriers have a long, flowing coat that requires regular grooming. Daily brushing is necessary to prevent tangles and matting. In addition, regular baths, nail trims, and ear cleanings are important parts of their grooming routine. Professional grooming may be required every few weeks to maintain their coat’s health and appearance. Regular coat care is essential for any size of Yorkshire Terrier to ensure their coat remains healthy and free of any skin issues.

Choosing the Right Size Yorkshire Terrier for You

Lifestyle Considerations

When choosing a Yorkshire Terrier, it is essential to consider your lifestyle and how it aligns with the needs of the dog. If you live in a small apartment or have limited space, a smaller Yorkshire Terrier may be a better fit. However, if you have a bigger living environment and are looking for a slightly sturdier dog, a larger-sized Yorkshire Terrier may be more suitable. Consider your activity levels, time commitment, and the overall environment in which the dog will be living to ensure a harmonious match.

Space and Living Environment

The size of your living environment should also be taken into consideration when selecting a Yorkshire Terrier. Smaller Yorkies may be more comfortable in apartments or homes with limited space, as they do not require as much room to move around. However, larger Yorkshire Terriers may require more space to roam and play. Access to outdoor areas and the availability of parks or open spaces nearby can also impact their exercise and activity levels.

Unusual Yorkshire Terrier Sizes

Giant Yorkshire Terriers

While Yorkshire Terriers are generally small dogs, there may be instances where unusually large individuals are bred. These larger Yorkies, often referred to as Giant Yorkshire Terriers, can weigh over 10 pounds and stand taller than the typical Yorkshire Terrier. It is important to note that these larger sizes are not within the breed standard and are usually a result of breeding with larger dogs. Giant Yorkshire Terriers are rare and may have unique care needs due to their size.

Miniature Yorkshire Terriers

On the other end of the spectrum, there may also be Miniature Yorkshire Terriers, which are even smaller than the average Yorkie. These tiny dogs can weigh less than 4 pounds and may have the appearance of Teacup Yorkies. It is important to recognize that their small size comes with increased health risks and requires careful attention to ensure their well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How quickly do Yorkshire Terriers grow?

Yorkshire Terriers have a relatively rapid growth rate compared to larger breeds. They typically reach their adult size within 9 to 12 months. However, it is important to note that growth rates can vary among individual dogs. Proper nutrition, exercise, and regular veterinary care are essential for supporting their healthy growth.

Can I predict how big my Yorkshire Terrier will be?

While it is not possible to predict the exact size of a Yorkshire Terrier, considering the size of the parents and their ancestry can provide some indication. Reputable breeders can usually provide an estimate based on the sizes of the parents. However, it is important to remember that individual variation can occur, and there may be differences in size even within the same litter.

Do females and males differ in size?

In general, male Yorkshire Terriers tend to be slightly larger than females. However, the difference in size is usually minimal. Both males and females can fall within the average weight and height ranges mentioned earlier. It is important to focus on the individual dog’s size and needs rather than solely relying on gender when considering the size of a Yorkshire Terrier.

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