Natural Remedies to Rid Your Dog of Ticks and Fleas



Ticks as well as fleas are an annoyance for your canine and also for you, not to mention they can cause health issue. There are several powders and sprays out there, but with their chemical-based formulas, they could be hazardous to the pet’s wellness or to yours.

Don’t fret – those powders as well as sprays aren’t your only suggests of defense against these tiny authoritarians. You can fight them off with all-natural treatments that are secure for every person as well as can be reliable for your canine.

Check out your regional animal store. They supply several items for your pet in regards to flea and tick treatment that are made from 100% natural active ingredients. They have no chemicals that could be dangerous for your family pets or family, however they have components that are extremely efficient in getting rid of the pesky parasites.



They have powders and sprays without any damaging chemicals. You can discover shampoos as well as unique flea brushes to remove them from our canine’s layer. There are some treatments that you can use directly to the dog’s skin that won’t hurt the pet in any way, however will certainly kill the fleas.

Another alternative is the special-made flea collar that aids drive away the fleas yet does not have any harsh chemicals that could leak through the dog’s skin so there’s no risk with other family pets being available in contact with the collar.

Maintain your pet and your home tidy. Bathe your dog a minimum of as soon as a week and also brush out their fur daily when possible. Vacuum cleaner the carpets in your home as well as keep the pet’s bed linen tidy as high as possible.

How to get rid of dog fleas and ticks
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Fleas and also ticks grow in cozy, humid areas as well as they will certainly lay their eggs in these places, so it’s ideal to vacuum these locations usually. You can make use of items like borax or some dry powdered laundry cleaning agents to spray on the rugs to let sit for a few minutes.

This kills the fleas and their eggs, so you can vacuum them up and also be eliminate them. Make certain your pets and any type of children aren’t about when you do it. They’re not known to be unsafe, however it’s always best to be secure.

There are some homemade treatments that numerous animal owners assert to work extremely well. It’s recommended to consult your vet to make certain these therapies truly are safe.

Garlic and brewer’s yeast have been reported as an efficient therapy for murder as well as protecting against fleas on your pets. Please utilize these treatments with caution. It’s additionally very important that you maintain your lawn mowed as well as maintain any foliage within the lawn trimmed back, so the fleas have a tougher time reaching your canine.

If you take every one of the preventative actions possible, you can get rid of the demand for chemical-based therapies that could be damaging for your pet. Along with that, use environmentally safe products and also your pet dog will be much healthier.