dog potty training tips

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Potty training your pup can be one of the most challenging tasks you’ll ever undertake as a pet
parent. But, with patience and consistent reinforcement, it is possible to teach even the most
stubborn pup how to use the bathroom outside! Here are some helpful tips for potty training your

dog potty training

1. Establish a routine – Dogs thrive on consistency and routine, so establish an indoor/outdoor
schedule for your pup that works for both of you. Make sure to take them out at regular intervals
throughout the day (e.g., after meals or naps) and reward them when they successfully go potty
outdoors with treats or praise.

2. Keep track of accidents – If there are any mishaps inside, make sure to clean up thoroughly using enzymatic cleaners designed specifically for pet messes; this will help prevent future accidents in that spot by removing any residual odor cues left behind from previous potties indoors. Additionally, pay close attention to what triggers these accidents so that you can better anticipate when they might happen and avoid it in the future (for example, if they always have an accident right after playing fetch).
always have an accident right after playing fetch).

3. Use positive reinforcement – Positive reinforcement is key when it comes to teaching new behaviors and reinforcing old ones!  Whenever your pup goes potty where he’s supposed to – whether outside or on puppy pads – make sure to reward him immediately with verbal praise or treats so he knows what behavior earned him those rewards!  This will help motivate him more quickly learn where he should go potty in order get his rewards each time.


4. Create boundaries– When first teaching your pup how to use the bathroom outside, create boundaries within which he must stay while doing his business such as fenced-in or designated spot near grassy areas like parks or yards nearby; this will help reinforce where exactly he should be going every time without interruption from other distractions like people or animals passing by during his potties sessions..

5. Be patient– Potty training takes lots of patience and consistency on both ends; remember not all dogs learn at the same rate but eventually they will understand their routines if given enough practice opportunities over time! Don’t forget rewarding successes along the way- Don’t forget rewarding
successes along the way——it’ll encourage faster learning overall instead of punishing mistakes made
during their learning process which could lead them feeling discouraged about trying again later
down line instead..



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