Dog Bed review



Welcome to our review of the Dog Bed, a comfortable and breathable bed designed specifically for large and medium-sized dogs. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of providing our furry friends with a cozy and secure place to rest and sleep. That’s why we were excited to test out this product and share our thoughts with you.

Not as soft as expected

Upon receiving the Dog Bed, we were initially impressed by its design and features. However, some customers have mentioned that it is not as soft as they expected. While the raised rim provides support for the pet’s neck and head, the overall comfort level may not meet everyone’s expectations.

Lightweight and convenient

One aspect that stood out to us is the lightweight nature of this bed. It makes it easy to move around and place in different areas of your home. However, a few customers have mentioned that it slides around when their pets move, which can be a minor inconvenience.

Spacious and versatile

Many customers have expressed their satisfaction with the size of the Dog Bed. It offers ample space for dogs to stretch out and relax. One customer even mentioned that their dog could lay at an angle and still have plenty of room. The versatility of this bed is another benefit, as it can be used inside crates, as an elevated bed, or as a stand-alone bed.

Easy to clean and maintain

We were pleased to discover that the Dog Bed is easy to clean and maintain. While it can be machine washed, we recommend hand washing the bed (without the removable cover) for best results. After washing, it is important to sun dry the bed to maintain its shape. The easy-care feature is convenient for pet owners who want to provide a clean and comfortable sleeping space for their pets.

Product Features

Secure & Comfortable

The Dog Bed is designed to provide optimal comfort and security for your beloved pets. With its raised rim, it offers the perfect support for their neck and head, creating a sense of protection and relaxation. The super-soft filling of the bed also assists in relieving joint and muscle pain, allowing your furry friends to experience truly restful sleep.

Premium Materials

Crafted with high-quality materials, this rectangle pet bed is made to last. The top rest surface is covered with soft-to-touch fluff, providing a luxurious and fluffy support for your pets. The durable soft filler fabric ensures the bed can withstand long-term use without losing its shape or comfort.

Multiple Sizes & Dog Breeds

The Dog Bed comes in multiple sizes to accommodate different dog breeds. The medium-sized bed (28”x22″) is perfect for small dogs, puppies, or multiple small pets weighing under 35lbs. The large-sized bed (31”x26″) is designed for medium-sized dogs under 45lbs. For larger dogs under 60lbs, the X-large bed (37”x30″) is recommended. And for those who have large dogs weighing under 80lbs, the XX-large bed (44”x34″) will provide ample space and support.

Easy to wash/clean

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is made easy with the Dog Bed. It can be conveniently machine washed, although we recommend hand washing (excluding the removable cover) for optimal care. After washing, it is important to sun dry the bed promptly to ensure it recovers its original shape and remains comfortable for your pet.

Versatile Use

This Dog Bed offers versatility in its usage. It can be used with crates, as an elevated bed, or as a stand-alone bed. However, it is important to note that this orthopedic portable dog bed may not be suitable for dogs who have a tendency to chew or dig.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your pet’s bed clean is essential for their hygiene and well-being. With our dog bed, cleaning is a breeze. One customer mentioned, “It’s a one piece sofa so you literally just pull it out of the box. My 100 lb. Rottweiler fits comfortably. I can vacuum it with ease.” The rectangular design allows for easy spot cleaning, and the entire bed can be machine washed. We recommend hand washing the bed without the removable cover and sun drying it to maintain its shape.

Review 1

Love it

We have come across some great reviews for the Dog Bed, and we are excited to share them with you!

One customer mentioned, “I really love the size and length of this dog bed. It is just right and plenty of room for two or three dogs that are small to medium. it is very soft too. Arrived well packaged.” This reviewer was pleased with the size and comfort of the bed, highlighting that it provided enough space for multiple dogs and was incredibly soft. The fact that it arrived well packaged was a bonus for them.

Another customer shared their positive experience, stating, “I loved it my dog loves it and she has so much space that she can lay at an angle and still have a ton of room.” They were impressed with the ample space the bed provided, allowing their dog to lay comfortably at different angles. The reviewer emphasized their dog’s love for the bed, indicating that it was a hit in their household.

Furthermore, a customer mentioned purchasing two beds, one for their cocker spaniel and the other for their cockapoo. They expressed, “My cocker spaniel fits in it just right and she’s about 25 lbs. The moment it came out of its packaging she claimed it. Its very soft plush material on the top.” This reviewer appreciated the perfect fit for their cocker spaniel and the immediate attraction their dog had towards the bed. They particularly enjoyed the soft plush material used on the top surface.

The Dog Bed seems to have won over the hearts of many pet owners. Its spacious design, softness, and secure feel have made it a beloved choice for dogs of various sizes.

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Fit on back truck seat

When it comes to the fit of the Dog Bed on a back truck seat, there are mixed reviews. Some customers found it to be a great fit for their specific needs, while others had a few concerns. One customer mentioned that it is very lightweight and wished it had a bit more weight to it. They felt that it slides around a bit when their puppy moves around, which could be a bit frustrating.

However, despite these minor issues, many customers expressed that their dogs actually liked the bed and slept on it comfortably at night. One customer mentioned that their big dog, who tends to be a bit lazy, absolutely loves the bed and often chooses to sleep on it instead of going into the bedroom. They described it as a super comfy recliner for dogs.

Another customer purchased two of these beds for their cocker spaniel and cockapoo. The cocker spaniel fit perfectly in the bed, and the moment they took it out of the packaging, she claimed it as her own. The top of the bed is made of a soft plush material, providing comfort for the pets. However, the bottom of the bed is made of a waterproof material that can be a bit noisy on hardwood floors. While it is a minor annoyance for this customer, it is not a deal breaker.

it seems that the fit of the Dog Bed on a back truck seat can vary depending on the specific needs and preferences of each dog.

Enhance Your Dog’s Restful Nights

I loved it my dog loves it and she has so much space that she can lay at an angle and still have a ton of room

When it comes to comfort and space, this dog bed really delivers. I was pleasantly surprised by the size of the bed and how much room it provided for my dog. She is able to lay at an angle and still have plenty of space to stretch out and get comfortable. It’s like having her very own sofa!

The one-piece design of the bed made it incredibly easy to set up. I simply pulled it out of the box and it was ready to use. The bed is also very easy to maintain. I can easily vacuum it to remove any pet hair or debris. And when it comes time for a wash, I appreciate that it is machine washable.

One thing to note is that the bed is vacuum packed, so when you first receive it, it may have a slight odor due to the packaging tape. However, once you let the foam expand and put the cover on, the smell dissipates. The foam does firm up nicely, providing good support for my dog.

I am extremely satisfied with this dog bed. It meets all my expectations in terms of comfort, size, and ease of maintenance. My dog absolutely loves it, and I would definitely recommend it to other pet owners.
One customer mentioned that the dog bed was not as soft as they had anticipated. They mentioned that while the top surface of the bed had a soft and plush material, the bottom was made of a waterproof material that was a bit noisy on hardwood floors. They noted that this was not a dealbreaker for them, but it could be annoying for those with small kids in the house.

Despite this slight inconvenience, the customer expressed their satisfaction with the overall size and length of the bed. They mentioned that it provided plenty of room for their small to medium-sized dogs, with enough space for two or three of them to comfortably lay down. This customer also appreciated that the bed arrived well-packaged and that it was easy to vacuum clean.

In terms of durability, the customer stated that they had not yet needed to wash the bed, but it appeared to be machine washable. This feature was appreciated, as it made cleaning the bed a hassle-free task. They also mentioned that their cocker spaniel immediately claimed the bed as soon as it was unpackaged, showcasing its appeal to their furry friend.

Despite the slight disappointment with the softness of the bed, overall, this customer was satisfied with their purchase and would consider ordering it again in the future.


In conclusion, the Dog Bed for Large Medium Dogs is a comfortable and secure option for your furry friends. With its raised rim, it provides support for the neck and head, creating a sense of security for your pets. The super-soft filling offers joint and muscle pain relief, ensuring that your pets can experience truly restful sleep.

One of the highlights of this dog bed is its premium materials. The soft-to-touch fluff on the top rest surface provides a soft and fluffy support, while the durable soft filler fabric ensures long-lasting use. The bed is available in multiple sizes, making it suitable for different dog breeds and sizes. Please refer to the recommended weight to choose the perfect fit for your pets.

Additionally, this dog bed is easy to wash and clean. It can be machine washed, but hand washing is recommended for better maintenance. After washing, it is important to sun dry the bed directly to help it recover its original shape. This easy-care feature allows for a comfortable and clean sleeping space for your pets.

The versatility of this dog bed is another advantage. It can be used with crates or as a stand-alone bed, making it perfect for various situations. However, it should be noted that this bed is not suitable for dogs who are obsessed with chewing or digging.

In terms of customer assurance, the product comes vacuum packed. To restore its original shape, gently pat the sides of the bed and wait for 48-72 hours. The company takes full responsibility for the product and offers 24/7 online customer service to assist with any questions or concerns.